For Companies

We offer various services oriented around employee development and career coaching to craft a proactive professional strategy for teams and organizations.

Employee Development – Career Path Planning

Are you looking for ways to encourage your employees and executives in localization to think about their careers and where they may lead?  Would you like your talented people to grow within your organization and not be tempted to go elsewhere? Consider career coaching as part of your internal personnel development program. With attention to the localization industry specifically we offer various programs that help your employees in their career planning.

Outplacement – Career Coaching for Employees in Transition

Employment downsizing has become a fact of working life as companies struggle to cut costs and adapt to changing market demands. The localization industry is no exception. When companies need to restructure organizations it can lead to letting go of talented employees. We offer coaching for employees who are back in the job market as a result of downsizing. It is a helpful addition to traditional severance and benefits packages.