For Individuals

People look for new jobs for many reasons. Depending on the stage you are in in your profession or the specific circumstances that lead you to a job search, we provide advice and coaching that is most meaningful to you.

New to the Market

Entering a new job market can be challenging. It can be hard to know where start or what positions to apply for or even how to put your resume together properly. We help guide you to your right first job in the language industry.

Experienced Professional

Have you been working in localization for a while and are wondering what the next step on your path will be? Perhaps you want to transition disciplines, advance to the next level or try something new. We work with you to assess your existing skill set and talk through what  you are truly interested in and passionate about to go to your next ideal job in the language industry.


Are you a high-level executive or business leader looking to make a change? Do you want to transition carefully on to what calls you next? Executive transition needs special attention considering confidentiality and sensitivity, and negotiating salary and compensation packages can be complex. Let us help you move to your next leadership role.